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Nekhet Hair is dedicated to a deity named Nekhbet who lived in the Southern area of El Kab in Upper Egypt. She is revered as being the Protector for people. This hair research is dedicated to Nekhbet, the science of Nekhbet.

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The information you find on Nekhethair will challenge everything you know about yourself, your history, your future and so much more. What's most interesting about this study is where the information was found. It wasn't discovered in a lost capsule or a hidden treasure. What you are about to learn was captured through something that has been right under your nose, your arms, your waist and on top of your head since the day you stepped foot on this Earth. If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm referring to your hair. Even if you don't have any, there is energy and data that will uncover details to the past, present and future. Interested yet?

These readings are provided below as food for thought:

Thumbalina X - The Itch in Life

Where does the itch in life begin?
Remember, that the fairest of all, may not be fair a tall, and the itch begins in yourself.
It tingles, it burns
It is deeper than you can reach
While you twist and turn, it runs from your head to your feet
The mistakes that you did not, cannot, or will not learn how to make them stop
So, the voices continue in your head, you're so tired you could drop
So look at you-standing in life-not knowing what to do
For in these mistakes were you the smart guy or were you the fool?
Not of your decision making, but the hand that life dealt, and if it is truly a hand of yours, this is how it felt
Could the itch really be this deep? The one that runs from your head to your feet?
Or could it be the one thought in your head that you just can't beat.
Can you help yourself a tall, or will this one be the one that BEATS ALL?
Beat it to win, for in the end, you will be there.
And never accuse yourself or a friend, for the itch my friend is deep within
Correct one mistake at a time and make it right-and that will be one itch left you will have to fight.
Beat it to win-here is a small list to begin-they are witnesses of your gin.
Sin- this one will be with you also in the end

Nekhethair ©2012

Thumbalina XI

Closer Than I Thought
Life can go in and come out again and again
While you are looking around, did you or are you a win?
Did it happen just as you saw it to be?
Is your future clear or can you see?
You end up thinking "Just as I thought."- "I didn't get it right so life is a not."
The closer I get, the further it goes away-money-love-hate, forgiving, things just won't stay.
The flesh of you cries out, but as usual, the damage is done with your mouth.
Written in the past and down through the years, your mouth has brought you your biggest fears.
So how close can it be in your life's fallacies if you close your mouth?
Your fears will leave and the things that go away and will not stay, will begin to work out for a better day.
Decrease it to a whisper

Nekhethair ©2012


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